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Building isn’t just a job. At Arun Bhandary Builders and Developers, it is our passion. With every project we undertake, we set the bar high and provide the best people in the industry, with a true love of what we do to make our Customers’ vision a reality. 


From inception to completion, we use the latest techniques and technologies to make sure that the project stays on point and on budget. Even after a project's completion, our post-construction teams work to ensure that our Customers are satisfied.

Design / Build to save time!

Design Build is one of the many strengths of Arun Bhandary Builders and Developers and we are viewed as a leader in the heavy highway and infrastructure design-build delivery industry. We have developed significant relationships with clients, engineering firms and other contractors to address design and constructability issues, allowing all parties to enjoy the benefits from the design build process.

Safety is key

Arun Bhandary Builders and Developers is dedicated to achieving safety excellence by promoting a culture that effectively identifies and manages risk through recognition, evaluation, education, and action. Safety is at the core of Arun Bhandary Builders and Developers' values, and we believe the men and women employed at the company are the greatest assets. Our continuing goal is to provide an environment with the safety of the workforce and traveling public being the highest priority.

Quality in everything we do

Quality work at Arun Bhandary Builders and Developers is achieved through careful planning, dedication, and skilled execution. We are committed to building high-quality projects no matter what size or scope that stand the test of time and last for generations.

Sustainable Construction

Arun Bhandary Builders and Developers employees have the privilege to work in some of the most beautiful areas of the country. Maintaining and protecting healthy forests, lakes, and streams are essential to not only those who make a living from the land but also for those who use them for recreational purposes. We are committed to helping protect the environment by promoting educational and training opportunities, by carefully planning of our work, and through the use of best management practices in the field.

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